Universities, especially students, jumping into local food

Great article below on the university student farm revolution… Kudos to UBC’s Mark Bomford, quoted extensively. He was just hired by Yale University with real financial support after almost a decade of scraping and hustling to keep his job and the farm alive at UBC. Hello UBC– bring him back at the end of his contract year at Yale and start paying him!

Mark Bomford "in the field" at UBC

Here’s a note from Mark:

I’ve take on the position as the Director of the Yale Sustainable Food Project. It’s a permanent, full-time position, and there is tremendous opportunity for program growth and program creation here. The YSFP currently operates an urban farm on the main Yale campus, runs a variety of academic and community programs, and also works with Yale Dining to bring sustainable food through the dining halls in the residential colleges. I’m interested in building up their academic activity, pursuing more research and teaching at the graduate level, exploring the role that a non-agricultural university can play in broader food system reform, and also (of course) in expanding the farm’s operations. There is a very active sustainable food community in the Northeast with many similarities to the Northwest.

That said, I still feel a very strong connection to Vancouver and to the UBC Farm, which now has a bright future ahead of it as well. Formally, I am on a 1-year leave of absence from UBC and Amy Frye has assumed the role of acting Director for the Centre for Sustainable Food Systems at UBC Farm during this leave. I’m keeping in close contact with Amy and my friends at UBC and  have kept a seat on the Centre’s Advisory Committee.

I imagine I’ll know in the spring whether my time in the northeast will be a longer-term thing or a shorter-term thing, but right now I’m getting settled into the new project and making plans for its future.

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  1. Peter-I’m planning a spring break road trip for my son and 2 of his friends to visit colleges in New England. With our own awakening, I am seeking out eateries that use local foods and I notice Burlington, VT is way ahead of other places!

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