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New CFIA “local food” definition is suspicious

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency’s (CFIA) new “local food” definition is suspicious, misleading and disturbing. Its sudden implementation and the misleading advantage it gives to food that isn’t really local but can be marketed as such suggest collusion with the … Continue reading

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Bi-partisan support for food literacy in Ontario

Ontario PCs want to add food literacy to the province’s proposed Local Food Act. The MPP bringing forward the amendment to the act says that in his party’s consultations with industry stakeholders, the PCs found that food literacy was a … Continue reading

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Is urban food production ever economically sustainable?

Find out at my new talk on the economic sustainability of local at the Stone Soup Festival 3 pm May 11 at Britannia Community Centre on Commercial Drive. I’ll be looking at rooftop growing, new market niches for entrepreneurs, vertical … Continue reading

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Good jolt to urban food myths– imported food has benefits too

Doug Saunders’ column is a good jolt to urban food mythology– imported food has benefits too. That’s important to remember, even though Saunders leans out too far to make his point. For example, his statement “Imported food is often nutritionally … Continue reading

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One simple resolution that will change your world’s food system

Imagine if you could do one very easy thing every day that would — Help you eat heathier —  help you learn more about what you eat —  give you one more small reason to eat more local food — bring … Continue reading

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Universities, especially students, jumping into local food

Great article below on the university student farm revolution… Kudos to UBC’s Mark Bomford, quoted extensively. He was just hired by Yale University with real financial support after almost a decade of scraping and hustling to keep his job and … Continue reading

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