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Most B.C. boomers eat organic food weekly

Who knew that 75% of Vancouver residents buy some organic food once a week? This new study leads me to think concerns about the safety of our food, GMOs and the damage being done by our industrial food system are … Continue reading

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“Embrace GMO disclosure instead of fighting it”

This is good advice to the mega agriculture companies that spent $45m to shut down food labelling transparency in a California referendum earlier this year. A similar initiative will be on the Washington ballot in November. If there’s nothing to … Continue reading

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Organic food visionary stung by city rules

Nature’s Path Organic Cereals co-owner Arran Stephens has paid $30,000 in fines to the city for beautifying his property. See the full story here All he wanted to do was clean up one of the messiest yards in the city. … Continue reading

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Bill Gates promotes GMOs to reduce hunger

  From Crosscut.com: “But the [Gates] foundation doesn’t hesitate to defend programs that have come under attack by others working on similar problems. One example: the application of biotechnology in the form of transgenic or genetically modified disease-resistant seeds to … Continue reading

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