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The Urban Food Revolution, Changing the Way We Feed Cities, is widely available in bookstores or can be ordered from your favorite online bookseller, both in print ($18.95) or as an e-book ($11.95, price varies).

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A revolution in food — where, how, and when it’s grown —  is now sweeping urban centres.  Read this book to see why it matters and how we can do it.David Suzuki, Co-Founder, David Suzuki Foundation

Our reliance on industrial agriculture has resulted in a food supply riddled with hidden environmental, economic and health care costs and beset by rising prices. Producing food locally makes people healthier, alleviates poverty, creates jobs, and makes cities safer and more beautiful.

The Urban Food Revolution provides a recipe for community food security based on leading innovations across North America. From commercial microgardening and community composting to rebuilding local food processing, storage and distribution systems, the author connects the dots between wishful thinking and practical solutions to making local, fresh sustainable food affordable and widely available.

An essential resource for anyone who has lost confidence in the global industrial food system The Urban Food Revolution is packed with practical advice on bringing food production home.

Peter Ladner really separates the wheat from the chaff. If you want to get your head around the important developments without ending up with a headache, this is the book for you. —Wally Satzewich, developer, SPIN-Farming



If you haven’t read The Urban Food Revolution – Changing the Way We Feed Cities, by Peter Ladner – run out and get it. It’s a terrific book and totally sets the scene for what we’re going to accomplish!

Seeds For Change, Thornhill, Ontario


I absolutely loved this book– Lisa Davis, Host, WUML It’s Your Health Radio/TV, Boston


The former Vancouver city councillor provides so many examples of inspiring, innovative projects and initiatives that are improving community food security that it’s hard not to feel invigorated and compelled to take action… This book skillfully combines theory and practice… Ladner conveys the true lay of the land in a grounded, accessible way. Those interested in food sustainability (i.e., all of us) would be wise to consult this fantastic book. – Carly Dunster, Spacing Magazine, Feb. 2012


Six books for the Vancouver book lover on your list:

Peter Ladner’s The Urban Food Revolution from New Society Books.
– One of the most informative and exciting books I’ve read in a long time. The “recovered politician”, founder of Business In Vancouver magazine and mayoral candidate a few years back spent the last two years as an SFU Fellow researching for this book. In it he offers real solutions for regular folks like you and me as well as policy makers who are also helping to transform the food system in order to keep it sustainable and have it keep up with the population boom.

— Bob Kronbauer,


The Urban Food Revolution serves as a very useful starting point for readers who want to become more involved in finding solutions to modern food issues. Urban gardeners, city councilors, parents, teachers and others will find Ladner’s book to be a comprehensive overview of how they can influence food security issues in their backyard, city hall, family or classroom.

— Carly Armstrong, Green Book Reviews


The former Vancouver city councillor’s comprehensive look at all aspects of urban food is packed with interesting little tidbits. Ladner touches on everything from suburban developments being built around farms rather than golf courses – so residents have access to fresh produce – to the use of human urine as a fertilizer and hunger’s effect on social disorder.

… there is plenty of good reading to sink your teeth into for anyone interested in cities and food. And for those hungry to know more, he’s included an extensive list of sources at the back of the book for further reading.

Complete article at Victoria Times-Colonist, Dec. 11, 2011


Peter Ladner’s book The Urban Food Revolution offers tantalizing glimpses of urban environments that successfully integrate commercial enterprise, low-impact living spaces and agricultural productivity.

Balcony gardens, urban market gardens, rooftop beehives, vertical greenhouses and aquaponics, and acres of lawn converted to high-value herb and vegetable production are all being employed with success somewhere. …

A lifelong proponent of sustainable urbanism, Ladner brings his experience as a journalist, publisher, and civic politician and policy-maker to bear on a question that is burning brightly in the popular zeitgeist: How will we feed ourselves when global food systems falter?

Complete article at Vancouver Sun, July 2011, article by Randy Shore


The Urban Food Revolution provides a fascinating and well-researched overall guide to a movement that is gaining momentum in large cities all over North America and Europe— the ‘taking back’ of urban turf by green and leafy things that are good for you.

The process embraces every approach from the very simple— such as window-boxed tomatoes and herbs or turning your lawn into a potato patch—to the ingenious—such as rooftop gardens on buildings. Socially complex; neighbourhood community gardens on vacant lots actually appear to reduce crime and ameliorate homelessness by providing food and a sense of pride and satisfaction to local people.

The Urban Food Revolution provides the sustenance of hope for change.

Complete article at B.C. Bookworld, John Moore, Dec. 2011


I read the book on the plane to Montreal in late October.  A terrific read! Thank you.

— Richard Lewin, President, Golda’s Finest Foods Inc.

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