One simple resolution that will change your world’s food system

And the name of that farmer is...???

Imagine if you could do one very easy thing every day that would

— Help you eat heathier

—  help you learn more about what you eat

—  give you one more small reason to eat more local food

— bring more agri-culture into your personal culture

—  be a reason to start growing some of your own food

—  reward you for shopping at farmers’ markets

—  make you consider buying food from a Community-Supported Agriculture buying group

—  help you wake up to at least knowing the names of people you couldn’t live without.

—  promote more local food production and the related economic benefits

—  steer you to restaurants with a direct relationship with a farmer

—  empower you to ask the people at Whole Foods who post “We know the farmer” signs just who that farmer is

—  increase your chances of more safer, fresher, truly nutritious food in your diet.

Here it is:

“I pledge to know the name of one person who grew one thing I eat every day.”

It’s not cheating to eat from your own garden, freezer, or preserves.

It doesn’t have to be a different name each day.

It’s not possible if you eat only processed food.

You get to know projects like This Fish.

It doesn’t require a major shift of eating habits.

It doesn’t matter how you find the name.

You may get extra insight if you actually meet the person, but it isn’t necessary.

Just one name a day.

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