My family and the long history of farming in Delta

I just saw this in the Dec. newsletter of the Delta (B.C.) Farmland and Wildlife Trust. It reminded me of the great resources we have in B.C for eating locally:

Delta farms grow over 1,200 tons of peas and over 3,200 tons of beans annually. Considering a family of four may eat a pound of beans or peas as part of their dinner, then local farmers could provide vegetables for over 8.8 million meals!

Earlier this week I attended the 130th anniversary of All Saints Church in Ladner, which was started after a meeting at my great-grandfather’s home. Looking into my family history records, I discovered that my great-grandfather, Thomas Ellis Ladner, who is best known for starting the first salmon cannery in the Fraser Delta, was also the first president of the Delta Farmers Institute in 1898.

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