It’s inevitable: domestic hunting is next

A Sun article about urban hunters reveals a startling jump in the number of people who want to learn how to hunt so they can source their own food more ethically than buying it from an industrial slaughterhouse.

But really, why aren’t we extending the local food passion to local animals that are literally in our own back yards? I’m thinking of the rabbits that are running wild in many parks, the deer that are swarming municipalities all over B.C., and the geese that are ruining farmers’ fields and playgrounds. Don’t forget the moose like the one that recently sauntered into a Smithers grocery store.



If some way could be found to safely kill these animals and ensure they’re safe to eat, why not? Like any local food, their safety could more easily be scrutinized than meat coming from amalgamated herds in some of the more dubious concentrated animal feedlot operations.

Do the math: craving for local food + more legalized backyard animals + interest in hunting and foraging + growing understanding of ethical killing + excess of edible game conflicting with people in cities = domestic hunting!

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