It’a all here: how to make $50k/year on half an acre

Saskatchewan micro-farming guru Wally Satzewich and Roxanne Christensen have a new distribution deal for their latest instruction books on how to seriously farm small spaces and make real money

Choosing the right seedlings

using SPIN farming techniques. SPIN stands for S-mall P-lot IN-tensive. “But it also stands for the kind of farming anyone can understand,” says Satzewich.

As Christensen says, “The USDA’s goal of 100,000 new farmers in the next few years is  achievable  because, with SPIN-Farming, the new generation of farmers can get their businesses off the ground anywhere there are markets to support them.”

These manuals aren’t cheap ($108), but they’re a small investment if you intend to reap the rewards they offer. SPIN-Farming® Basics outlines basic business concepts, marketing advice, financial benchmarks and a detailed day-to-day workflow.  SPIN-Farming 2.0: Production Planning & Crop Profiles  contains advanced growing concepts and first-of-its -kind market data to help farmers think more clearly about their farm business planning,  set measurable goals based on what their crops are worth, and scale up successfully.

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