Farmers growing food for transport, not taste

Farmers are growing food for transport, not taste, so people are choosing processed food and succumbing to chronic diseases.

An excerpt from this article about a fund called FoodDirect explains:

FreshDirect co-founder and food sourcing expert David McInerney travels the world forging relationships with hundreds of farmers, ranchers and fishermen, to source the best tasting, healthiest, freshest foods for consumers. During these journeys McInerney has become keenly aware that there is a fundamental flaw in our food system, which forces our farmers to grow food for transport rather than taste. Today fresh foods don’t taste like they should; people aren’t eating them, and processed foods are winning — and its crippling the future of our farmers.

What’s more, people in the United States eat 31 percent more unhealthy processed food than fresh food — that’s more per person than any country on earth. Nowhere are these issues more apparent than with our urban youth. Many urban youth live in “food deserts” where inexpensive, processed foods, linked to diseases such as diabetes and obesity, are the winning choices. For youth living in these “food deserts”, their brain development is at risk since processed foods, fats, sugars and other carbohydrates hinder their ability to stay healthy, energized and mentally sharp.

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