Drawing on his business and political experience and personal research in cities around North America, Peter Ladner is a consultant on helping cities adapt to the growing demand for local, fresh food.

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  1. Matt Ericson says:

    Hello there Peter,

    It was a pleasure to meet you at the Green College 20th a couple of weeks ago. Currently I am in the process of impletmeting a community garden at one of our local highschools here in Prince Rupert. As I will be writing a grand proposal for funding (due dec 17) I was wondering if you had research available demonstrating the benefits of having such a garden as well as showing how crime can be reduced using this model. Thanks in advance.

    Cst. Matt Ericson Prince Rupert RCMP

  2. urbanfoodrevolution says:

    Hi Carl: I haven’t been very active re consulting lately. What’s up?

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