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The high hidden costs of our “cheap” food

“50 yrs ago we spent 18% of income on food, 5% on healthcare; now we spend 10% on food, 16% on healthcare.” Great stat from a great book by Eleanor Boyle: High Steaks, How and Why to Eat Less Meat.

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Nature’s Path CEO Arran Stephens’ impassioned talk on GMOs

Arran Stephens is one of the great persuaders on organic agriculture. He runs North America’s largest organic cereal manufacturer. Here are his comments from a recent rally against Monsanto in Vancouver– including how to shop for non-GMO foods. Arran’s speech … Continue reading

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Frank Guistra investing in high yield farmland

Mining and film financier and Bill Clinton buddy Frank Guistra is investing in high yield farmland, local food, award-winning olive oil and is bankrolling Modern Farmer Magazine… He knows something.  He has also put money into Vancouver’s Sole Food Farm. Serious, … Continue reading

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EU banning bee-killing pesticide. Not U.S.

The European Union is banning a bee-killing pesticide to stem the collapse of its bee colonies. Meanwhile, there’s no such ban in the U.S., where 45% of hives were lost last winter, up 78% from the year before. Bees pollinate … Continue reading

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It’s inevitable: domestic hunting is next

A Sun article about urban hunters reveals a startling jump in the number of people who want to learn how to hunt so they can source their own food more ethically than buying it from an industrial slaughterhouse. But really, … Continue reading

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“Embrace GMO disclosure instead of fighting it”

This is good advice to the mega agriculture companies that spent $45m to shut down food labelling transparency in a California referendum earlier this year. A similar initiative will be on the Washington ballot in November. If there’s nothing to … Continue reading

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