Canada’s only farm-centred subdivision.

One of the more promising ways to put agriculture and food security on a more sustainable economic footing is using the proceeds of housing developments.

P1000277When I researched this topic for my book (see chapter on “farming as the new golf”), I visited Prairie Crossing in Illinois and heard about many such subdivisions in the US, but only one, pending and struggling, in Canada: the Southlands proposal in Tsawwassen, B.C.

Now this Toronto Star article discovers Hendrick Farm, Canada’s only farm-centred subdivision in Quebec, just outside Ottawa.

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  1. tasha says:

    My name is Tasha and I am working with the FarmOn Foundation. We are a group dedicated to helping farmers from around the world. We celebrated Earth Day by creating the hash tag #farmvoices in order to give farmers a voice. We heard over 2000 stories from 23 different countries.

    Our new mission is not only to connect with farmers but also the urban consumers. We want to hear your story and find out what matters to you about your food. Where would you like it to come from? How would you like it grown? etc.

    We invite you to watch the video created from Earth Day, and also to join in on the conversation. We are working towards closing the gap between the farmer and consumer, so any ideas on how we can work with you further would be greatly appreciated!

    Take care,


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