“Agritainment”: a combination of agriculture and entertainment

“Agritainment” is an expression used in South Korea to describe a combination of agriculture and entertainment in the joy of urban farming. Lest this be seen as trivializing food growing, here’s an excerpt from an article in a South Korean newspaper showing how serious South Korea is about urban farming:

The Agriculture Ministry announced in June it will push for measures to encourage over 5 million city dwellers, about 10 percent of the country’s entire population, to participate in urban farming by 2020.

To make this happen, the ministry will create some 8,000 weekend community farms of 3,000 hectare by the target year.

There were 200 weekend urban community farms across the country as of 2010, according to the ministry, and it intends to increase the number to 800 by 2020.

The ministry also plans to transform 7,200 unused spaces, including rooftops of schools and buildings and undeveloped land owned by the government, into green space by the same year.

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