$1 million prize promotes insect farming

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The rich get organics and the poor get diabetes– now insects! That’s the dark way to look at this amazing win by McGill business students over 10,000 competing teams from around the world. Bill Clinton awarded the prize.

To meet the challenge of world food security, the students promoted the potential of insect farming to help feed the world in the face of ongoing hunger tormenting a quarter of the world’s children.

Yes, it’s a good question whether eating insects is intended for those of us meat-eaters who are consuming far more of our fair share of the planet’s food resources, or just for people who have no other choice. It turns out that 2.5 billion people already eat insects seasonally.

The students’ video shows just how popular insects already are in places like Mexico and Thailand. A UN report says insects are nutritious, environmentally-friendly, and a far more efficient source of protein than meat.

A lot of what we love to eat today (think shrimps and lobsters) was once considered a last choice for great eating. We’re going to have to get used to eating a lot of “strange” foods in the future if we’re all going to have enough to eat. Insects are us– all of us.





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