Why Will Allen is positive about 2011


Will Allen checks out Windermere high school's garden during his Vancouver visit in Jan. 2011

• More young people want to be farmers, and want to lend their talents to the mission of building a better food system

• More schools are willing to participate in Farm-to-School programs, and to expose kids to local, fresh produce

• More corporations want to open farmers’ markets for their employees, or recycle their kitchen scraps for compost, or donate money to help build our grassroots movement

• More people of color want to enter agriculture, and no longer associate the practice with the painful legacy of slavery and sharecropping

• More people in the medical field see fresh, local food as an integral part of the healing process and of good health

— Will Allen, CEO of Growing Power in Milwaukee, writing in his annual newsletter. Note the reference to his visit to SFU’s Centre for Dialogue.

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