Richmond struggles to protect farmland from monster houses

A policy that was supposed to be protection for farmers has become a loophole for property owners building giant houses, sometimes operating them as illegal hotels, getting cheap (by B.C. standards) land prices, and skirting taxes. Richmond needs to take action to prevent this mockery of agricultural land protection.

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One Response to Richmond struggles to protect farmland from monster houses

  1. Frank Ducote says:

    In the recent past I undertook a quick scan of house size regulations in agricultural zones in the Lower Mainland. It is shocking to see how loose existing controls generally are. 15% coverage, for example, times whatever height limit, say 2 storeys for argument’s sake. On a 10 acre farm this would allow OUTRIGHT over 130,000 SF of floor area. Yeah, you might say that nobody would ever do that. But it could happen, and we are threatened by such terrible waste of farmland everywhere. (So far, I’ve only found Delta to be the exception by having rational limits to maximum ag house sizes. More power to them!)

    Good for Richmond. I wish them great success in this important initiative.

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