Farmers need help to cope with climate change

For every degree C rise in average earth temperature, expect crop production to decline by 10%.

A new B.C. gov’t study looks at the help farmers are going to need to cope with rising sea levels, salinization of fields, unpredictable weather, new pests…

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Embattled Lantzeville urban farmer gives up



Dirk Becker and Nicole Shaw’s fight with their neighbour– and his friends on the Lantzeville, B.C. council– has worn them down to the point where they’re selling their Compassionate Farm property.

Dirk’s style is not always conducive to compromise, but his integrity, expertise and passion for local agriculture and food security is unmatched.

If he and Nicole end up moving out of Lantzeville as well as moving out of their neighbourhood, the community will lose a real leader in growing local, fresh, organic food.


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Urban ag in Seattle: debating zoning for marijuana

Urban agriculture in Seattle has a new twist: debating industrial zoning for marijuana production– big warehouses or not-so-big warehouses?

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Very cool swimming pool converted to aquaponic farm in Arizone

Check out how this young family found food abundance by turning the empty pool in their Arizona suburban home into a solar-powered “interplay of chicken droppings, algae sludge, tilapia fish, miniature goats, greens and clay pellets… a damned fine feast—with 50-70% less money, 90% less water, and about 400% more freshness.”

This video tells their amazing story.


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Responsible investment conference looks at food

I’ll be moderating a panel on investing in food at the Canadian Responsible Investment Conference June 17-19 in Vancouver. #sioconf2013. I hope to see you there. I’ll be on Tuesday morning:

Environment: Food Sustainability
This session will explore some key trends and issues surrounding the nexus of sustainability, health, livelihoods, and accessibility of food from the local to global level. It will highlight best practices among local companies alongside major global brands, shedding light on key risks and opportunities for investors.

Moderated by: Peter Ladner, author

Panelists: Donovan Woollard, Alterrus; Christine Bergeron, Vancity; Heather Lang, Sustainalytics

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Frank Guistra investing in high yield farmland

Mining and film financier and Bill Clinton buddy Frank Guistra is investing in high yield farmland, local food, award-winning olive oil and is bankrolling Modern Farmer Magazine… He knows something.  He has also put money into Vancouver’s Sole Food Farm.

Serious, curious money meets the good food revolution. Watch what happens…

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You will not be disappointed. My talk on

You will not be disappointed. My talk on the heritage and future of urban food is tonight. See you there?

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Join me in supporting Vancouver’s Truck Farm

Vancouver’s Truck Farm is a cool, fun mobile classroom and seed dispensary based in Vancouver’s Strathcona neighbourhood. They’ve got an indiegogo campaign underway. It’s worth supporting.

IMG_2329Food in a nutshell: Judy Kenzie believes in small beginnings with big outcomes from her mobile truck garden.

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Is local food safer than imported food?

Is local food safer than imported food? As this Utne Reader excerpt from my book shows, there’s no simple answer.

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EU banning bee-killing pesticide. Not U.S.

The European Union is banning a bee-killing pesticide to stem the collapse of its bee colonies. Meanwhile, there’s no such ban in the U.S., where 45% of hives were lost last winter, up 78% from the year before.

Bees pollinate 1/3 of our food. We need them, and we need to stem the pesticides, monocultures, and loss of habitat diversity that are killing them off at alarming rates.

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