Organic food visionary stung by city rules

Nature’s Path Organic Cereals co-owner Arran Stephens has paid $30,000 in fines to the city for beautifying his property. See the full story here

The scene of the $32,000 “crime”: Arran Stephens’ yard after removing dead and diseased trees to allow for replanting.

All he wanted to do was clean up one of the messiest yards in the city. Distracted by a kidney transplant operation that nearly cost him his life, he neglected to get a city permit.

The house and property have been so beautifully restored he has won an award for the best heritage restoration of the year.

The worst thing about this story is that many local media jumped on it by painting Stephens as a rich hypocrite who loves organics but secretly hates trees, or something– even though most of the trees he removed were dead or previously condemned by the city, and he replanted more than he removed.

What they have never reported is that he is completely  dedicated to the cause of organic growing and eating (he has just written a book on it).

And he has just planted a huge organic garden and orchard at a nearby property he is renovating.

Most of it he planted a lot of it himself. The food he grows– like the food he grows at the Science of Spirituality Meditation and Ecology Centre and Nature’s Path headquarters in Richmond, B.C.– will mostly be donated.

Arran Stephens in his new backyard farm. Nature’s Path is donating $500,000 to the fight for open labelling of GMOs in California

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